9 Mar 2023
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The Significance of Automated Testing in Development

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By Tyrone Showers
Co-Founder Taliferro


software development is a complex and iterative process that involves numerous steps, from coding to testing and deployment. Automated testing is a critical aspect of software development that should not be overlooked. Automated testing uses software tools to automatically test software code and functionality, ensuring that it meets the intended requirements and specifications.

Automated testing has become integral to modern software development because of its many benefits. This post will discuss the importance of automated testing and why more than manual testing is required.

Improved Testing Efficiency

Automated testing tools can perform testing procedures faster and more accurately than manual testing. These tools can quickly run thousands of tests and produce detailed reports, which can help developers identify and fix issues more efficiently. In contrast, manual testing is a slow and time-consuming process that is prone to errors and requires much human effort.

Reduced Cost and Time

Automated testing can significantly reduce the cost and time of software development. Manual testing requires a lot of resources, such as staffing and equipment, which can be costly. Automated testing, on the other hand, is relatively inexpensive and requires minimal human resources. Moreover, automated testing can be performed simultaneously with development, reducing the time it takes to release the software to the market.

Improved Software Quality

Automated testing ensures that software meets the intended requirements and specifications, reducing the chances of defects or bugs in the final product. With automated testing, developers can identify and fix issues early in the development cycle, leading to better-quality software. Manual testing, on the other hand, is prone to errors and may overlook critical defects, leading to poor-quality software.

Better Test Coverage

Automated testing can provide better test coverage than manual testing. Automated tests can run 24/7 and cover different aspects of the software, such as performance, security, and user experience. In contrast, manual testing can only cover a limited number of test cases, and it is challenging to ensure that all critical test scenarios are covered.


Automated testing tools can handle large and complex software projects, making it easier for developers to test the software in a scalable and efficient manner. Automated testing can scale to handle large and complex software projects. As software projects grow in size and complexity, the number of test cases increases, making it challenging to perform manual testing.

More than manual testing is required because it cannot keep up with the pace of software development. When new features are added or changes are made to the code, the entire software must be re-tested. This process is time-consuming and prone to errors, leading to delays and poor-quality software.


Automated testing is an essential part of modern software development. Automated testing can significantly improve testing efficiency, reduce cost and time, improve software quality, provide better test coverage, and scale to handle large and complex software projects. Manual testing cannot keep up with the pace of software development, and it is prone to errors and delays. Automated testing should be an integral part of the software development process to ensure that software meets the intended requirements and specifications.

Tyrone Showers