16 Jun 2023
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Optimizing Marketing Tech: 10 Vital Steps

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By Tyrone Showers
Co-Founder Taliferro


In a recent exposé penned by Jordan Turner, it was unequivocally underscored that underutilized marketing technology (martech) poses a pernicious threat to CMO budgets, with a mere 42% of martech being employed to its fullest extent in 2022, exhibiting a palpable decline from the previously reported 58% in 2020, as substantiated by incisive Gartner research. This lamentable inefficiency in martech utilization inexorably necessitates immediate intervention from CMOs, who must deftly navigate the terrain to ensure optimal returns on their substantial martech investments. Buoyed by the invaluable insights proffered in the Gartner article, we proffer an erudite discourse delineating 10 crucial steps to meticulously optimize marketing technology, thusly unlocking its full potential and reaping the abundant rewards it portends.

Step 1: Assiduously Evaluate and Optimize Your Tech Stack

Drawing inspiration from Gartner's sagacious counsel to conduct a comprehensive audit of your tech stack, it becomes imperative to assess the manifold marketing technology solutions at your disposal meticulously. Prudently organizing and streamlining your tech stack affords the opportunity to excise redundancies, thereby curbing superfluous costs and propelling the efficiency of your martech investments.

Step 2: Establish an Efficacious Data-Driven Framework

To effectively contend with the conundrum of burgeoning technological intricacy, as astutely emphasized by Gartner, it becomes incumbent upon astute marketers to adroitly forge a robust data management framework. Aforementioned framework ought to coalesce harmoniously with your overarching marketing strategy, seamlessly encompassing the spheres of data acquisition, organization, storage, analysis, and delivery. By adroitly harnessing the transformative power of data, one can adroitly navigate the marketing landscape, making judicious decisions, and fueling the fruition of marketing objectives.

Step 3: Presciently Define Roles and Responsibilities

Resonating in harmonious accord with Gartner's sagacious pronouncement on the indispensability of demarcating unequivocal roles and responsibilities, the pragmatic adoption of a RACI matrix augments team coherence, evading obfuscation while empowering team members to execute the implementation of the latest martech tools seamlessly. This meticulous delineation not only accords perspicuous accountability for each task but also ensures unwavering commitment to the triumphant culmination of the project. Furthermore, forging symbiotic connections with the bastions of finance and IT engenders cohesion and propels the collective endeavor toward triumph.

Step 4: Conscientiously Measure and Track Progress

Cognizant of Gartner's astute admonition to gauge progress vis-à-vis baseline data, one must assiduously collect and analyze pertinent metrics to ascertain the efficacy of one's campaigns. By judiciously setting specific goals and diligently monitoring key performance indicators such as marketing-qualified leads or click-through rates, one can discern the impact of new technologies and personalized content, engendering a virtuous cycle of continuous refinement and optimization.

Step 5: Seamlessly Integrate Your Systems for Synergy

Expounding upon Gartner's appeal to prioritize the harmonious integration of disparate systems, it becomes paramount to meticulously interweave marketing automation platforms with customer relationship management (CRM) systems. This seamless integration bespeaks a harmonious symphony of data flow, fostering synergy between sales and marketing teams while optimizing the utilization of martech investments.

Step 6: Invest Unreservedly in Continuous Training and Development

Building upon Gartner's trenchant revelations that a dearth of training engenders suboptimal martech utilization, it becomes incumbent upon discerning leaders to resolutely invest in an ongoing regimen of training and development for their marketing cohorts. Equipping these professionals with the requisite proficiencies and acumen engenders an environment ripe for harnessing the transformative power of the martech stack, allaying the perils of obsolescence and fostering adaptability amidst a maelstrom of emerging technologies.

Step 7: Employ Scorecards as a Beacon for Progress Monitoring

To augment Gartner's suggestion of leveraging scorecards as a compass for tracking marketing campaigns, one must adroitly wield these tools to monitor the progress of endeavors meticulously. Attentively assessing campaign efficacy vis-à-vis predetermined objectives empowers marketing mavens to identify areas that necessitate improvement nimbly, fostering data-driven decision-making and optimizing martech utilization.

Step 8: Embrace Agile Methodologies for Nimble Optimization

In consonance with Gartner's prescient counsel to embrace the tenets of an Agile methodology, judiciously imbuing one's team with an ethos of adaptability and nimbleness engenders a proclivity for proactive refinement. Adopting an iterative approach facilitates expeditious testing, experiential learning, and rapid adaptation to evolving circumstances, amplifying operational efficiency and maximizing the utilization of the martech stack.

Step 9: Foster an Ecosystem of Inquisitiveness and Experimentation

Elaborating upon Gartner's entreaty to foster a culture of experimentation, it becomes incumbent upon discerning leaders to cultivate an environment that fosters intellectual curiosity, unearths novel solutions, and reveres the process of trial and error. A milieu amenable to change and experimentation emboldens team members to harness the martech stack creatively, emancipating them from the fetters of trepidation. By cultivating an indomitable spirit of progress and unshackling minds from the fear of temporary setbacks, organizations propel themselves toward realizing the full potential of martech investments.

Step 10: Assiduously Evaluate and Evolutionarily Adapt

In concert with Gartner's admonition to regularly scrutinize martech tools, prudent marketers must continually evaluate the efficacy of their technological arsenal. Perpetually conducting audits, assaying the suitability of extant solutions, and ardently aligning the martech roadmap with evolving business exigencies pave the path toward an optimized martech landscape. Embracing this zealous pursuit ensures perpetually flourishing results.


As we traverse the intricate realm of martech, confronting the disconcerting specter of underutilized investments, it becomes evident that CMOs must embark on a transformative journey to extract maximum value from their marketing technology. By methodically implementing these 10 cogent steps, expounding upon the sagacious insights furnished by Gartner, discerning CMOs can unlock the boundless potential intrinsic to their martech stack. In so doing, they usher a new era of optimized ROI, propelling their marketing campaigns to unprecedented heights amidst the ever-evolving digital milieu. The exigency to optimize marketing technology beckons with fervor, and as intrepid marketers seize this opportunity, they sculpt their organizations' destiny, ensuring sustained growth and resounding success.

Tyrone Showers