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11 Nov 2022
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Boost Online Sales: Importance of Easy Contact Access

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By Tyrone Showers
Co-Founder Taliferro


Anyone who has run a business knows that getting someone to place an order with you takes work. You spend hours crafting the perfect webpage, and you put in all the effort necessary to develop a stellar product or service - but if people can't find your contact information, then chances are they'll go elsewhere. People want to talk to people, not websites.

That's why your customers need to know who they can call when they have questions or need help with their purchase. Even if you have excellent online customer service and no one ever calls you, adding a phone number and contact information on your site, you're helping people feel more comfortable making an impulse purchase.

The best way to increase sales is to make it easy for your customers to contact you.

When it comes to increasing sales on your website, there's no better way than making it easy for your customers to contact you. People need a contact if they need clarification on what size sweater they need or if the color of their favorite pair of jeans is still available. You want them to fill out as little information as possible and have immediate access to a phone number or email address.

People shouldn't have to search through your site for a comment form, only hoping that someone will answer them quickly enough so they can place an order before the item sells out.

Instead, offer all the necessary contact information, including email addresses that go directly into an inbox without going through a company's generic junk mail filter first (which means less time spent waiting for responses). You could even give yourself a personal touch by using your cell phone number instead of some generic 800 number - people who call will recognize it as coming from someone who works at the business!

People are more likely to make an impulse purchase if they can see who to call for help.

They want to feel that a company is there for them and will answer the phone when they call.

You can improve the conversion rate from leads to customers by making the phone number prominent on your website.

Please make sure the phone number is easy to find on your site and make it easy for visitors to call it. This will increase the conversion rate from leads into customers by clarifying how they can contact you for more information or order.

That's probably why many websites put their phone number and support hours prominently on their homepage.

It's no secret that customers love to talk to people, and many sites put phone numbers and support hours front and center on their homepage. Adding contact information can improve your conversion rate from leads to customers because it makes it easy for potential buyers on the fence about making a purchase or asking for help with an issue to reach out.

Now, let's take this one step further. Imagine you have a website selling product; wouldn't adding a live chat feature be better than just having someone answer the phone? This way, customers can connect with you immediately instead of waiting until someone returns from lunch or wherever else they may be.

To increase sales on a website, it is essential to add contact information and a phone number.

There's no better way to increase sales than to make it easy for customers to contact you.

So, ensure your contact information is visible and prominent on every website. And don't be afraid to add a phone number! It may seem obvious, but people prefer talking over the phone rather than emailing or messaging online.


You can be a genius to see how this can increase your sales. If you want to boost sales on your website and make it easier for people to contact you, add a contact form or phone number!

Tyrone Showers