27 May 2023
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By Tyrone Showers
Co-Founder Taliferro


In the realm of customer experience (CX), the adage "outside-in understanding but inside-out execution" encapsulates a strategic paradigm for successful Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs). Gartner's recent post highlights the significance of comprehending customers' needs and perceptions from an external perspective while emphasizing the internal execution of CX initiatives. This article explores the transformative potential of this inside-out approach, shedding light on critical strategies employed by progressive companies to differentiate themselves based on CX. By mapping the customer journey, establishing a robust measurement strategy, nurturing internal partnerships, and prioritizing the employee journey, organizations can create sustainable growth and deliver exceptional experiences that transcend short-term outcomes.

The End-to-End Customer Journey

Progressive companies recognize that understanding and meeting customer needs is fundamental to exceptional CX. However, the allure of short-term gains often diverts focus from the long-term objective of building customer loyalty and advocacy. By mapping the customer journey from end to end, organizations can identify critical touchpoints and areas for improvement. Gartner's 2021 Customer Experience Management Survey reveals that CX programs exceeding expectations prioritize post-acquisition marketing efforts over the path to purchase. This shift enables organizations to foster enduring relationships, enhancing customer loyalty and driving sustainable growth.


Beyond Singular Metrics

Building a robust measurement strategy is crucial for organizations seeking to excel in CX. More than just relying on a single marketing metric, such as the Net Promoter Score (NPS), is required to capture the intricacies of the customer experience. Progressive companies develop a comprehensive portfolio of marketing metrics that align with their performance objectives and reflect the entire CX journey. Just as a doctor cannot assess a patient's overall health based solely on their pulse, a holistic approach to measurement provides a more accurate and actionable assessment, enabling organizations to drive real improvement.

Cultivating Internal Partnerships

Organizations must nurture internal partnerships to deliver a consistent and exceptional customer experience. Companies can identify strategically significant customers and discern their core preferences by assembling a committee of CX leaders. This knowledge facilitates the establishment of a unified vision for behaviors and activities across the organization. By aligning efforts, departments can work harmoniously to deliver a solid and consistent experience, strengthening customer relationships and propelling CX's success.

Empowering CX Enablers

Organizations must prioritize the employee journey to truly elevate the customer journey—the "backstage" of CX. Identifying potential friction points between departments, evaluating levels of individual empowerment, and assessing how policies and operating procedures impact service delivery are critical steps. Addressing these factors enables organizations to remove barriers and facilitate a smooth customer experience, where employees are equipped to deliver excellence at every touchpoint. By creating an environment that fosters employee satisfaction, engagement, and empowerment, companies lay the foundation for exceptional customer experiences.


Achieving excellence in customer experience necessitates an inside-out approach, combining outside-in understanding with meticulous inside-out execution. Organizations can differentiate themselves in today's competitive landscape by mapping the customer journey, establishing a robust measurement strategy, nurturing internal partnerships, and prioritizing the employee journey. Embracing these strategies enables companies to transcend short-term gains, focusing on building long-term customer loyalty and advocacy. As the CX landscape evolves, CMOs and organizations that embrace this holistic approach will forge a path toward sustainable growth and establish themselves as leaders in delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Tyrone Showers