10 Jun 2023
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Forrester Research: Boosting Customer Loyalty

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By Tyrone Showers
Co-Founder Taliferro


Forrester Research, led by Maxie Schmidt, VP and Principal Analyst, conducted a comprehensive study in January 2021 to examine the crucial factors that influence customer behavior and loyalty. This research sheds light on the remarkable impact of expeditious problem-solving, clear communication, and knowledgeable employees on customer retention, spending patterns, and advocacy. By delving into these findings, businesses can gain valuable insights to forge stronger connections with their customer base and drive long-term success.

Swift Problem Resolution: The Catalyst for Customer Retention

According to the Forrester research, customers are 2.4 times more likely to remain loyal when companies exhibit a rapid response to their issues and concerns. Promptly addressing customer problems not only demonstrates attentiveness but also instills a sense of trust and reliability. By efficiently resolving customer issues, companies can cultivate a strong foundation of loyalty, fostering enduring relationships that transcend mere transactional exchanges.

Crystal-clear Communication: An Elixir for Increased Customer Spending

The research findings underscore the criticality of clear and effective communication in influencing customer spending behavior. Companies that excel in conveying their messages concisely and transparently are 2.7 times more likely to witness increased customer spending. By eliminating ambiguity and confusion, businesses create an environment of trust and assurance, empowering customers to make informed purchasing decisions. Clear communication instills confidence, assuages doubts, and amplifies the perceived value of products or services, thereby incentivizing customers to allocate a greater share of their resources.

Knowledgeable Employees: The Bedrock of Customer Advocacy

Forrester's study revealed an astonishing correlation between employee knowledge and customer advocacy. When employees situated in physical locations comprehensively address all customer queries, patrons are a staggering 10 times more likely to recommend the company to others. This finding emphasizes the pivotal role of well-informed employees in establishing a positive brand image and fostering a culture of customer-centricity. Equipping employees with the necessary expertise and empowering them to provide accurate information not only enhances customer satisfaction but also serves as a catalyst for organic, word-of-mouth promotion, which is invaluable in today's hyperconnected world.


Maxie Schmidt's groundbreaking research conducted at Forrester provides indispensable insights into the intricacies of customer behavior and loyalty. Companies that prioritize swift problem resolution, crystal-clear communication, and well-informed employees are poised to reap substantial benefits. By addressing customer concerns expeditiously, organizations forge robust bonds of loyalty, securing a competitive edge in an increasingly saturated marketplace. Moreover, effective communication practices not only elevate customer spending but also foster a sense of trust and brand affinity. Finally, businesses that invest in cultivating knowledgeable employees benefit from amplified customer advocacy, propelling their reputation and facilitating organic growth.

Armed with the knowledge gleaned from this research, organizations can refine their strategies, aligning them with customer expectations and enhancing overall customer experience. By embracing the principles uncovered by Maxie Schmidt and Forrester Research, companies can pave the path to sustainable growth and thriving customer relationships.

Tyrone Showers