24 Aug 2023
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The Odyssey of Buying 50 Laptops

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By Tyrone Showers
Co-Founder Taliferro


Ah, buying laptops. In an ideal world, it should be as easy as buying a candy bar, right? Just select, click, and presto—you're now the proud owner of an entire digital fleet! But, as I discovered, when you're trying to buy not one, not five, but fifty laptops, you're not a customer; you're a person of interest in a very suspicious drama.

Act I: The Five Laptop Ceiling

With ambition higher than Elon Musk's SpaceX rockets, I sat down at my computer to buy 50 Lenovo laptops. I typed in the specs, added the first laptop to the cart, and hit the "Quantity" dropdown. My excitement deflated like a sad balloon when I discovered the maximum limit was... five. It was as if Lenovo was saying, "Woah there, cowboy, slow down. This isn't a laptop festival!"

Act II: The Customer Service Labyrinth

Slightly perturbed but not deterred, I called customer service. They told me I needed a "business account." Ah, of course, how could I have been so naïve? I signed up for a business account, imagining a world where my order would soar through like an eagle over a cliff. To my chagrin, I still couldn't order 50 laptops. The website looked at me like, "You again? Seriously?"

Act III: The Reseller Resurrection

I called customer service again. This time, they said, "Ah, what you actually need is a reseller account!" It's like leveling up in a video game nobody wants to play. I was tempted to ask if I also needed a secret handshake and a cloak to proceed.

Act IV: Now Hiring: Laptop Detectives

As if the story couldn't get any stranger, the Lenovo representative began interrogating me. "Who are these laptops for?" they asked, as if I was planning to create an army of super-intelligent robots. When I joked that if I told them, they could just bypass me and sell directly to my clients, they went all CSI on me. "Is it for the government?" they asked. "Yes," I replied. "Ah, you need an 'Account Manager' for that," they said mysteriously.

Act V: The Account Manager Who Wasn't

"You'll hear from your Account Manager shortly," they promised. I waited. And waited. Perhaps they were talking about "shortly" in geological terms? As of this moment, I have yet to hear from this mythical Account Manager.

Act VI: The BestBuy Fiasco

With diminishing hope but growing desperation, I called BestBuy. You'd think I was asking for state secrets the way they interrogated me. "Are you sure you're not running a clandestine operation?" their tone seemed to imply. I had enough. I hung up, my dreams of becoming the proud owner of 50 laptops crashing and burning like Icarus flying too close to the sun.

Epilogue: An Open Call to Laptop Sellers

So, if anyone out there wants to offer a quote for 50 laptops without treating me like a character in a spy thriller, I’m all ears. The bar's set low; you basically just have to exist and answer the phone. Your move, dear laptop sellers.


In retrospect, trying to buy 50 laptops felt like attempting to decode the human genome using an abacus and a magnifying glass. Let this tale serve as a cautionary fable for all who dare to venture into the labyrinthine realm of bulk laptop purchasing. And to Lenovo and BestBuy: if you're reading this, I'm still waiting. Not-so-patiently, but waiting nonetheless.

Tyrone Showers