29 Sep 2022
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Guiding IT Clients to Career Advancement: Key Strategies

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By Tyrone Showers
Co-Founder Taliferro


With over three decades of experience as an IT Consultant, I have come to understand that most individuals yearn for career advancement. Naturally, people seek recognition, increased financial rewards, and the admiration of colleagues and clients who view them as experts in their field. Their aspiration is to be regarded as exceptional. Assisting your clients in achieving these goals not only boosts their self-esteem but also brings satisfaction to you. This article explores effective strategies to help your clients secure promotions and further their professional success.

Provide a Compelling Foundation for Promotion

The most straightforward approach to aiding your clients in securing a promotion is to assist them with projects aligned with their passion. Engaging in such endeavors allows them to effectively demonstrate their skills and capabilities, thereby increasing their potential for earning higher compensation and making a substantial impact within their organization. Ideally, identifying their long-term aspirations will enhance your ability to align their goals with available opportunities for higher-level positions within their company, ensuring a seamless integration of qualifications on their resume or job application.

Construct a Persuasive Case for Promotion

Before embarking on the journey to promote your clients, gathering all the necessary information is imperative to build a strong case in their favor. Suppose they lack sufficient experience or expertise to excel in their current role. In that case, providing them with opportunities to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills is essential. This will enable them to gain a deeper understanding of their responsibilities and identify areas for improvement.

Furthermore, it is crucial to determine the criteria that substantiate a compelling case for promotion. Are there notable achievements or awards that highlight their exceptional qualities? Should their superior communication skills warrant increased compensation? If further developed, identifying the specific attributes that could benefit their organization enables you to present evidence substantiating their worthiness for promotion, rather than relying solely on subjective evaluations such as loyalty.

Foster Visibility and Recognition

Once you comprehend your client's aspirations, it is time to advocate for them. The key to success lies in articulating specific requests rather than simply expressing a desire for promotion. Instead of stating, "I want them to be promoted," focus on conveying precise details: "I aim to secure their promotion by X date, elevating their title/role/responsibility. If we can incorporate Z as well, it would be remarkable!"

Remember, this is a collaborative endeavor with your client, necessitating a shared understanding of what constitutes success before embarking on this journey together. If this strategy unfolds as planned, congratulations! However, if unforeseen circumstances arise, impeding the immediate realization of their goals, do not be discouraged. There will always be future opportunities for your clients to achieve their professional objectives, expedited thanks to the efforts you have invested on their behalf.

Cultivate Connections with Influential Individuals

To propel your client towards promotion, assist them in developing relationships with individuals who can support their advancement. Networking may seem obvious, but it can be challenging to accomplish. Skillful networkers comprehend the art of building authentic connections with the right people and investing time and effort to forge meaningful relationships. If your client lacks networking experience or fails to recognize its significance, here are some tips to guide them:

  • Emphasize the importance of networking and its role in achieving their goals, elucidating that it extends beyond securing new business. Networking facilitates robust connections with like-minded professionals, enabling knowledge-sharing and creating opportunities for future career growth.
  • Advocate for a diverse network encompassing professionals from various fields. This ensures access to valuable advice, support, and information outside their immediate area of expertise, should an opportunity arise that demands expertise beyond their current scope.

Engage in Dialogue Regarding Future Career Ambitions

Engaging your client in discussions about their future career goals is instrumental in providing guidance. Inquire about their aspirations, desired skill sets, and experiences they wish to develop. Additionally, explore their salary and title expectations over the next year, five years, or even a decade.

Candid Assessment of Probabilities

Before delving into strategies for securing your client's promotion, providing an honest evaluation of their chances is essential. If you perceive a viable opportunity, communicate it to them. However, suppose the prospects are dim, or your client is oblivious to existing possibilities. In that case, it is crucial to convey this information. Equipping them with comprehensive knowledge enhances their preparedness throughout the interview process, fortifying their chances of success and your relationship with them.

Sometimes, facilitating your client's promotion is as straightforward as assisting them in performing their job more effectively. Begin by understanding their goals and their envisioned approach. If they express a desire for promotion without articulating the value they bring or without highlighting how their skills and experiences position them as the ideal candidate, encouragement and support become the focal points of your engagement. However, when a client presents a well-researched action plan, demonstrating how their transferable skills and newfound knowledge align with their desired promotion, an opportunity emerges. This opportunity demands the ability to exhibit their soft skills and expertise in understanding consumer behavior and present a coherent pitch showcasing their value in the new role.


Assisting your clients in securing promotions necessitates a multifaceted approach that involves strategic planning, compelling advocacy, and the cultivation of meaningful connections. While it may not always be a straightforward task, with diligence, expertise, and honesty, you can provide invaluable guidance to your clients. By empowering them to excel in their current roles, envision their future objectives, and capitalize on available opportunities, you contribute to their professional growth. Ultimately, the success of your efforts will enable your clients to realize their aspirations and propel their careers forward.

Tyrone Showers