10 May 2023
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Unlocking Cash Flow: The Art of Product Management

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By Tyrone Showers
Co-Founder Taliferro


In the grand pageant of product management, we often overlook the secret weapon of corporate ascendancy - a delicate dance of perceptive consumer impersonation and stringent due diligence that can usher in an unanticipated torrent of cash. This is no mirage, no fallacious tale spun from the labyrinthine depths of corporate folklore. No, ladies and gentlemen, this is the holy grail of monetary sorcery, as accurate as the greenbacks that could flow through your door with just a few "tweaks."


First, let's shatter the constricting shackles of our ingrained perception of performance. Do we mean Herculean feats of coding prowess? Or perhaps impressive pyrotechnics of product design that could make even Da Vinci shed a tear of reverence? No. Let's adjust our monocles and take a more discerning look.

Performance dear reader, is about dancing - not a jittery, awkward shuffle at the annual office soiree, but an eloquent waltz that marries the twirling finesse of our product with the harmonious rhythm of the consumer. It's about finesse, timing, and a nuanced understanding of consumer needs. With the mere "tweak" of recalibrating our performance metrics to align with customer expectations, we can unlock the dam and unleash an unexpected deluge of dollars.

A Story

Let's illustrate this with an anecdote of our hypothetical friend, a modest Product Manager named Pat. Pat often found herself flummoxed by the abysmal abyss between her team's performance and revenue graph, which was depressingly flatter than a pancake squashed by a steamroller. The pivotal moment came when Pat decided to don the mantle of the customer, immersing herself in their experience, needs, and the intrinsic value they sought.


Adopting this fresh, consumer-centric perspective, Pat realized the latent potential within her product, leading to changes that proved to be the miraculous formula for success. She discarded jargon, decluttered the user interface, and gave her product the much-needed shot of relevance. Suddenly, the revenue graph took an ecstatic leap toward the heavens. Voila, the money began its graceful waltz through the door.

Due Diligence

Moving onto the second piece of our financial jigsaw puzzle - due diligence. In the corporate circus, due diligence often holds a somewhat stodgy reputation, shrugged off as the humdrum routine of grumpy auditors with pocket protectors. But, my friends, do not be deceived. When appropriately executed, due diligence can be the baton that orchestrates the symphony of success.

In Product Management, due diligence takes on a kaleidoscopic dimension. It's not just about crunching numbers or perusing through contractual fine print. It's about diving deep into the intricacies of your product, studying market trends, consumer behavior, competitors' strategies, and the subtleties of your product's value proposition.

So, let's raise a toast to our unsung hero, the Product Manager, the discreet puppeteer who tweaks, refines, and transforms our mundane products into the shimmering cornucopia that sends customers into rapturous delight and sends dollars pirouetting through our doors.


Remember that behind every successful product that churns out a ceaseless cascade of cash is a dedicated Product Manager, wearing the customer's shoes, conducting a scrupulous symphony of due diligence, and continuously refining the performance metrics. These three modest tweaks are indeed the keys to the treasure chest. So, put on your dancing shoes, dear reader, and get ready to witness the magical waltz.

Tyrone Showers