02 Jun 2023
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The Impact of Agile: Clients Who Listen vs. Those Who Don't

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By Tyrone Showers
Co-Founder Taliferro


With its iterative approach and focus on collaboration, Agile has revolutionized how organizations undertake complex initiatives. Agile methodology has emerged as a beacon of efficiency, adaptability, and success in the dynamic realm of project management. Within this landscape, a stark contrast exists between the pleasure derived from engaging clients who lend an attentive ear to our advice and the discouragement experienced when witnessing the avoidable failure of clients who dismiss our well-intentioned counsel.

Those Who Listen

It is a pleasure to witness the transformation unfold, observe clients rapidly adapt to Agile principles and see the remarkable results. The synergy that arises from a receptive clientele, open to absorbing our expertise, fuels collaboration and growth. When clients eagerly embrace our guidance and actively listen to our advice on Agile implementation, the fruits of our labor blossom into a harmonious symphony of accomplishment.

The pleasure derived from such engagements is multifaceted. Firstly, the receptive clients demonstrate an inherent trust in our professional acumen, acknowledging our proficiency in Agile practices. This mutual respect fosters a symbiotic relationship where clients perceive us as valuable partners rather than mere service providers. Such trust enables us to operate optimally, allowing our expertise to flourish and manifest in tangible outcomes.

By its very nature, Agile champions adaptability, and clients who actively listen to our counsel understand the significance of this ethos. Moreover, clients who embrace our advice are willing to embrace change. They are ready to relinquish traditional, rigid project management approaches, favoring a more flexible and collaborative framework. This willingness to embrace change fosters an atmosphere of innovation, empowering both client and consultant to explore uncharted territories and unlock new realms of success.

Those Who Don't

Conversely, the situation is unfortunate when clients disregard our well-considered recommendations. Witnessing the downfall of a client, with failures that could have been averted if only they had heeded our advice, is an undeniably painful experience. In these moments, the importance of effective communication and attentive listening becomes strikingly evident.

The repercussions of clients' refusal to acknowledge our advice are manifold. The failure to adopt Agile principles in their entirety results in a fragmented implementation that lacks the harmonious synchrony necessary for optimal outcomes. It is akin to attempting to navigate treacherous waters without a compass or rudder—predictable failure looms on the horizon.

Furthermore, disregarding expert advice deprives clients of the opportunity to tap into a wealth of knowledge and experience. Our recommendations are not arbitrary; they are the product of years of refinement, learning from triumphs and setbacks. Ignoring this wealth of expertise is akin to dismissing a map that could guide one to their desired destination swiftly and efficiently.

Ultimately, the consequences of client resistance to our counsel extend far beyond the immediate project. By turning a blind eye to Agile wisdom, clients risk perpetuating a cycle of suboptimal outcomes. This, in turn, hampers organizational growth, limits competitive advantage, and inhibits the realization of untapped potential.


The engagement of clients who attentively listen to our advice on Agile methodology is an immensely gratifying experience. The collaboration, trust, and innovative spirit from such partnerships create a landscape of success where fruitful results materialize. However, juxtaposing these delightful encounters with the disheartening sight of clients disregarding our expertise is a stark reminder of the significance of open communication and the perils of ignoring well-intentioned guidance. It is our duty as Agile practitioners to advocate for the value of listening and to persist in our efforts to enlighten clients, ensuring they reap the rewards of Agile success while avoiding the costly pitfalls of avoidable failure.

Tyrone Showers