16 Dec 2023
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Exploring Minority IT Firms' Experiences in Seattle

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By Tyrone Showers
Co-Founder Taliferro


At Taliferro Group, we are constantly exploring ways to enhance our understanding of the diverse dynamics in the business world, particularly in the realm of information technology. One area that has piqued our interest is the impact and experiences of minority firms in Seattle that have obtained MBE or DBE certification. We are reaching out to these businesses to learn from their experiences and understand how they navigate the complex landscape of preferred vendor preferences and minority supplier programs.

The Quest for Knowledge

Our goal is simple yet profound: to gain insights into the actual benefits and challenges minority IT firms face in Seattle. We are particularly interested in hearing from businesses that have navigated the process of becoming MBE or DBE certified and how this has impacted their operations, opportunities, and growth.

Minority Supplier Program vs. Preferred Vendors: Understanding the Disconnect

A key focus of our inquiry is to understand the potential disconnect between minority supplier programs and the preferred vendor systems that many companies operate under. How do these two aspects interact, and what are the challenges or advantages faced by minority IT firms in this context?

Sharing Experiences and Solutions

We believe that shared knowledge is a powerful tool. By engaging in open discussions, we hope to uncover strategies, experiences, and possibly solutions that have helped minority IT firms successfully reconcile these two facets of business operation. Your stories and insights could provide invaluable learning not just for us at Taliferro Group, but also for the broader community of minority businesses in the sector.

An Invitation to Connect

We extend an open invitation to minority IT firms in Seattle who have experience with MBE or DBE certifications to connect with us. Whether your experience has been positive, challenging, or a mix of both, your insights are valuable. We are eager to learn from your journey, understand the nuances of your experiences, and discuss potential pathways forward.


At Taliferro Group, we are committed to fostering a collaborative environment where businesses can grow and thrive together. Understanding the landscape of minority supplier programs and preferred vendor preferences is crucial for this growth, especially in the vibrant and competitive field of information technology. We look forward to engaging in meaningful conversations and building connections that help us all move forward together.

Tyrone Showers